• Published: 25 July 2017

This is my first attempt at 3D character animation. I wanted to have a go at animating a walk cycle and a run cycle so I created this low-poly character for that purpose. The texture painting style was inspired by the PlayStation 2 game: Kingdom Hearts.


Below is an interactive version on Sketchfab. Fullscreen recommended (double-arrow button at the bottom right of the viewer).

2 thoughts on “Runner”

    1. Hey Paul! What I did was I downloaded some of the Kingdom Hearts models from and had a look at the kind of mesh density that they used. For example, I checked how many sides the arms and the legs had and how many sides each finger had. I then built my model with similar density.
      For the textures, you’ll want to paint a lot of the shadowing into the textures and then use a shader in your game engine that lights the models with a relatively even colour.
      Beyond that, I would just suggest studying the art style – particularly how faces are shaped and painted.

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