Bunny Bash

  • Developer: DarkArts Studios
  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Released (Early Access): 28 April 2016
  • Buy: Get it on Steam!

Bunny Bash is a casual, multiplayer game where bouncing bunnies frolic amidst quaint scenery and stomp each other into disproportionately profuse showers of gore.

Bunny Bash was built by a very small team of people. As the level designer, my role was to construct a variety of visually appealing play environments. We didn’t have a dedicated 3D modeler or texture artist so we made use of some great-quality asset packs from the Unity Asset Store.

Here are some details and screenshots of each level:



Forest Ruins

Winter Town

The fog in this level was achieved using an asset called Colorful Fog. I created the cubemap that’s used for the sky and the fog in this level. The rainbow is actually a part of that cubemap.



I created alpha channels for several of the icy textures provided in this asset pack. This allowed me to add some specular sparkles and shines.

Night Henge


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