• Game: Counter-Strike: Source
  • Also know as: de_dustforce_v1
  • Released: December 2006
  • Download: de_dustforce_v1.zip

Dustforce is a Bomb/Defuse scenario that aims to provide similar game-play to Dust2 in both public games and organised clan matches. However, Dustforce contains more opportunities for teams to flank each other and players will need to be on their guard at all times.

Dustforce is a remake of one of my Counter-Strike 1.6 maps called “WildDust” (screenshots on the Level Design Legacy page). The visuals in Dustforce are similar to Dust and Dust2 but with a slightly cleaner and cooler aesthetic. I completed work on this map while working as a game server administrator for the now-defunct GoBLAM.com and this map contains a hidden GoBLAM advertisement.

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