Dahshur City

  • Game: Counter-Strike: Source
  • Also known as: de_dahshur3_pro
  • Released: May 2005
  • Download: de_dahshur3_pro.zip

Dahshur City is a Bomb/Defuse scenario that focuses on quick rounds and fast-paced action. It uses the same art style and texture set as Dust and Dust2 and I believe that I achieved my objective of matching the visual quality of those maps.

Dahshur City (or just “Dahshur”, as it’s more commonly known) has a long history. It started as a Counter-Strike 1.6 map, created by another South African gamer: Neil Fouche aka “LAzor”. The map was so well-loved by South African gamers that the SAIX Games Service (SGS) hosted a 24/7 server for it. Since then, Dashsur has become somewhat of a tradition amongst South African Counter-Strike players.

When Counter-Strike: Source was released, many gamers wanted to see their old favourite ported over to the new engine. Two other mappers made their attempts at recreating the classic but it was my version that was eventually chosen and it has enjoyed thousands of hours of usage on the SGS Dahshur server.

26 thoughts on “Dahshur City”

  1. Hey there! I remember playing this map in 1.6 in South Africa.
    I still remember that there used to be a dedicated server for Dahshur3 and it was for 56k modem players only as our pings’ would all be around 150!

    Good times!

    I am wondering if there’s a CS:GO version of this map as it brings back so many memories.

    1. I haven’t created a CS:GO version of Dahshur but I recall that one or two people had begun work on ports but that was quite a while ago. I haven’t seen anything recently.

  2. Man, how I miss the good old CS 1.5 days. Never really played CS 1.6 that much. For me personally, CS 1.5 will forever be the BEST CS version ever created. Dahshur will forever be one of my all time favourites and I too remember playing on the 56K only server. Good times indeed 😀

    1. Since I made that previous comment, I haven’t seen or heard anything more regarding any CS:GO versions of Dahshur. You’re welcome to try remaking it for CS:GO if you want. I have no plans to do that myself.

    1. I would suggest uploading it to GameBanana. Also, you could contact some of the South African CS:GO server providers and see if they’re interested.

      By the way, I’d be interested to check it out. Have you uploaded it anywhere yet?

    2. Maybe share it on steam workshop?

      Bear in mind lots of ppl find matches through matchmaking and only really use community servers for bhop / aim etc. But maybe a dahshur only server can bring a lot of ppl regularly.

  3. I remade this map on CS Go. Took me the weekend to learn how to use Hammer and make it about 80% Accurate. (Just small things like aesthetics missing)

    Just waiting for steam workshop publish to stop giving em error code 10 or error code 16. I hear its a valve server issues, once i work that out it will be on the steam workshop, if all else fails will post it on game banana.

  4. lol I still remember playing this map of yours on the SGS servers back in cs:s days.
    How you been Matthew


    1. Hey, Churchie! Indeed, fond memories of good times had on SGS CS:S servers. It’s been a long time – basically a decade. I’ve been fine, and you?

  5. Map was originally made by a guy named Neil Fouche (LAzer) back in 2010 and exploded after a South African clan (xTc) competed in korea and practiced there on it. The original map only featured 4 spawns per team.

    1. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know LAzor’s real name was Neil Fouche. That said, the date you refer to can’t possibly be correct. My first memory of playing the original CS 1.6 version of de_dahshur3 was at Organised Chaos LAN in 2004. I created this CS:Source remake in 2005. The copy of de_dahshur3.bsp that I have has a ‘Date Modified’ of 13 October 2001. Did you write 2010 by mistake?

      1. Hi, ye the date is wrong, its 2001, not 2010, He went to highschool with me, and we would sit and draw maps in class rather than doing school work ;D

        I finished matric in 2002. So the map was made around 2000/2001.

        We used to lan the map among friends even before it got online but nothing mayor. Around 2001 we had a larger lan at donkerhoek primary school, where some of the xTc guys at the time (shape deflektor) were present. a Few weeks later they practiced on that map in korea where they korean players picked it up and it exploded, running 24/7 on servers days later.

          1. Just to add, dates are correct, I quit cs during 1.6 (movement slowed after jumping) while at tuks with a lot of the old timers like BHB.Lithium, BHB.Irridum, DC? Battousai,(cant remember who cornel was playing for) Evilcow and many more, . At that time I also really got into quake3. So i played cs from beta till 1.6. But ye, heard many things about who made dahshur, the origional and played before it ever made it to online scene was made by LAzor (Neil Fouche)

  6. I love you guys!
    Matthew fantastic and excellent work on CS Source version! Haven’t checked the CS:GO version yet.
    How bizarre to google and actually find something on it…
    Thanks waiora! miss the good old days.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Neil. I really appreciate it, and it’s great to hear your reaction to my remake even after all these years. ?

  7. Just Played Dashur now on CSS after copying map to directory and it brought back so much memories…

    Thanks guys I feel 20 years younger 😉

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