About Me

Hi, I’m Matt – a denizen of Cape Town in South Africa. In 1985, through the use of occult rituals and dark magic, I was summoned from the depths to serve a period of existence on this mortal plane.

I bide my time in front of my computer playing video games and consuming infotainment.


I’ve been playing games on PC since I was about 7 years old and I’ve developed a great interest for the creative and technical aspects of video games such as level design, graphics rendering and 3D audio. Although I’m not an experienced programmer, I still love learning about the latest technical features that developers are building into their game engines. I’m also interested in the subtleties of user input and responsiveness that go into creating games that just ‘feel right’.

I’m also particularly interested in the integration of Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) into 3D video games.

Most recently, I’ve become very enthusiastic about virtual reality and social VR. I enjoy creating worlds and avatars in VRChat.


I did a 2-year Diploma in IT Programming, which I finished with distinction but I didn’t end up using these skills immediately in my subsequent employment. Instead, I spent a year and a half configuring and maintaining Source engine game servers for the now-defunct GoBLAM.com, after which I spent 5 and a half years doing graphic design, UI design, and web design for a social casino game on Facebook.

Then I took a career break for about a year and a half to focus on more creative endeavours such as digital painting and to try and work out where I wanted to go next. From there, I transitioned into freelance work, spending about a year and a half as a level designer using Unity. Bunny Bash was the main project that I worked on during this period.

After discovering the joy of online learning, I dedicated some time to learning the art and science of 3D modelling with Blender.

Most recently, I returned to full-time work in a role that involves digital design, content management, and office programming. The skills I learned during my IT Programming diploma have finally been put to good use here.